Make a login and leave a comment here telling me who you are, with a link to your AO3, Tumblr, pillowfort, wherever you have work posted now, and I’ll change your user role to author so you can upload images/use the gallery function as well as text.

Hotlinking is 100% okay and literally the purpose of this site! 🙂

If there are any problems, questions, or you otherwise want to contact me, comment on this post. Thanks <3

Author: hakuen

I was frustrated with the Tumblr bind and took matters into my own hands.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Yay! Hello and I’m all real, no bot here, and have the same name on Tumblr, AO3, pillowfort, and more places, and this is quite godsent what with the hosting hotlink-allowable NSFW art troubles :3

  2. Hello! I am a real person heh (You can find me on AO3, Tumblr and Twitter as MagnusTesla) and dahtwitchi can vouch that I am a real life human bean (which is where I discovered you!)

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