Site Rules

  • No fiction or art depicting underage sexual activity. This is the only thing that can get us kicked out of here. Unspecified age but at least late teens in appearance is okay. If you want to upload shota/lolicon/whatever, a site that accepts that is, but don’t do it here.
  • Mark your post with some sort of rating and either any major warnings (think AO3) or a warning that you won’t warn.
  • Images beyond 3 thumbnails should go below a cut, but it’s probably easier just to make a gallery! If there are problems that come up with that, please let me know right away.
  • Contact me if anything is screwy and I’ll try to fix it. Contact me if anyone is being a dick. And last but not least, contact me if you want to improve this site, because I’m the most basic unskilled …website person ever.
  • If you would like to chip in on the hosting fees for this site, which are about $5 a month through December 2021, I’ve set up a Patreon page. I would just do Paypal, but unfortunately it exposes our real names to each other, and I don’t want to know yours any more than you want to know mine! <3
  • Don’t be a dick. And enjoy your free upload space. 🙂